Is it clear your B&B is adults only?

In compiling this list of UK adult only hotels and B&Bs we've come across B&Bs that say they're adults only, want to be adults only, but find guests turning up with children.

We've had to ask some B&Bs if they really are adults only because, even after scouring their website, it isn't clear. It's easy to see how people making a booking might not realise.

If a B&B's website doesn't say 'adults only' it won't show up in search results when people search for adults only B&Bs.

Some B&Bs that do say they're adults only don't give an age limit so it's a bit meaningless: we've found owners' definitions of 'adult' range from 5 to 25.

Reassure your target market

If your target market is people who want to stay in an adults only place, they will be reassured by a website that says what the age limit is and that children below that age will not be allowed on the premises.

How B&Bs make it clear they're adults only

1. The homepage says the B&B is adults only and gives the minimum age. For example:
"We are an adults only B&B welcoming guests aged 16 and over."

2. In addition, there's a statement on the Rooms, Booking, FAQs, T&Cs or Contact page, such as:
"Adults only: no infants, no children under 16 years."

3. Some B&Bs go further and their T&Cs make it clear that turning up having booked a child in as an adult won't wash:
"We are an adults only B&B. Infants and children under 16 will be refused entry but liability will remain for the full cost of the booking as if cancelled."

4. When booking, either there isn't a dropdown for children or if there is it shows zero and can't be changed or if a non-zero number of children can be entered the booking engine always returns no availability.

5. The webpage Title tag includes 'Adults Only'. This also helps when people search e.g. for 'Adult only B&B in Upton':
"Greenlane Lodge B&B Upton Dorset - Adults Only"

6. Booking confirmation emails state, in bold:
"Please note: We are adults only, we do not allow infants/children under 16."

With those things in place it will be obvious to all that the B&B is adults only, what the age limit is and that booking a child in as an adult is not going to work.

Many people book via sites such as Some B&Bs' descriptions on such sites make the age limit clear, others don't. Though booking sites are generally not be be relied upon: they categorise hundreds of UK hotels and B&Bs as adults only or 'minimum age 18' but studying the hotel or B&B website reveals they just simply aren't. Grrrr.

Examples of B&B websites that make it clear

Looking at these B&Bs' websites it's obvious they're genuinely adults only:

Spend literally a few seconds on this B&B's website and it's perfectly clear.

This B&B's homepage says it's adult only and the guest information page says 'We are an adult only B&B, welcoming guests aged 18 and over'.

And this homepage says it's exclusively for adults and the T&Cs really spell it out. Ouch. But in a good way if you're someone who's looking for an adults only B&B.

Here too it's right in the headline and elucidated on the tariff page.

No prizes for guessing what's happened in the past at this B&B 'we are unable to accommodate children under the age of 16 years or babies even with their own cots'.

The homepage says 'adults only' in the first sentence, the facilities page says 'adult only (18 yrs plus)' and the booking terms say 'We are adult only (18yrs plus). Anyone arriving with children will be refused admittance. However the full amount of money for your stay will be taken'. If you're someone who is looking for an adults only place to stay, that's what you want to read.

And here's a similar booking condition ' an adult only bed and breakfast and so children are not permitted to stay at any time. We do not have the facilities to accept babies, children or anyone under the age of 18 years, and any party with a member under this age will not be permitted to stay, however the cost of your full booking will still be charged should you arrive and attempt to check in with a child.'

This homepage says it in the first paragraph and their booking terms give the age limit.

Similarly, it's clear from the homepage and the booking terms.

The headline on every page says it's adult only as does the first sentence on the description page and the terms say 'This is an Adult only establishment for persons of 18 years of age and over'.

This homepage sets the scene and then the T&Cs ' for Adults only (over the age of 16). NO CHILDREN are allowed under any circumstances' makes it crystal clear.

Here it's on the homepage popup and there's a panel on the right hand side of every page saying 'Please note we do not accept children younger than 16 years old. Younger children will be refused entry'.

The first paragraph on the homepage says adults only and the terms & conditions again make it very clear.

Here, as well as saying ' child and pet free' on the homepage, the bits & pieces says 'There are no children in the cottage and we do not offer accommodation to families with children under the age of 16 years'.

The footer on every page of this one has 'exclusively for adults and older children' and '16 and over'. Good idea.

And this one has 'No children under 18' at the bottom of every page.

Here's a clear homepage 'For the avoidance of doubt, please be aware that we do not accept infants or children: no under 18s'. And the booking policy reinforces the message 'We are unable to accomodate guests under the age of 18 years including babies: any reservations made with guests under 18 years of age will be cancelled and are non-refundable'.

Or for elegant simplicity how about 'we are an adult only B&B for persons age 18 and over' on the homepage and 'we do not accept children of any age from 0 months up to 18' on the booking terms page.

Footnote: why we ask

Some places claim to be adults only but state no age limit - a red flag that prompts us to ask. The most bizarre reply we've had so far is:

"I would like to inform you that our hotel is adults only, however we are quite flexible and we can accommodate children. Please be informed that we are happy to welcome them for free up to the age of 2 years old, however we do not provide any extra beds."

Needless to say they didn't make it onto our website.

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