Definition of an Adults Only Hotel

By adults only we mean hotels and B&Bs that have at least a 16+ rule throughout their premises.

Some places we list have a higher age limit: 18+ or even 21+.

Hotels that allow 15 year olds are not included. Hotels that host weddings are not included on the basis children attend weddings. Adults only hotels whose spa is shared with non-adults only places are not included. Places that claim to be adults only but don't specify a minimum age are not included. Adults only places whose restaurant is open to the public are not included.

We've done what we can to ensure that the hotels and B&Bs we list do not allow people under 16 on the premises.

If you've seen hotels listed elsewhere as adults only but they're not on our list, those hotels, in alphabetical order, and the reason we do not list them might be found here.

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